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A thoughtful young man struggles to find a woman to marry.

A story of three friends – Guri, Deep and Sher Singh – who are studying in a university and are staying together in the hostel of the same university.
A young woman working in a coffee shop far from her home country is spoiled for choice when it comes to suitors.
Proper Patola is Romantic Comedy movie and will entertain the audience by fun elements and confusion as Neeru Bajwa in double role. How she will manage to do this double role with Harish Verma and Yuvraj Hans?

A young man concocts a scheme to marry a reluctant fellow student, but finds the task more difficult than it first appeared

Feelings of disdain between a mischievous lad (Diljit Dosanjh) and a young woman (Neeru Bajwa) turn to love.
Ashke is a film about the cultural dance “Bhangra,” and also revolves around families, relationships and fun-loving comedy.

A couple visit Punjab to teach their child about joint families and cultural values.

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